Filipe Fernandes

Senior Engineer

About Me

Hi, my name’s Filipe and I’m from Portugal.

Strong believer in the whole react-native ecosystem!

Passionate about new and cutting-edge technologies, and security.

I am most skilled in: React Native, TypeScript and Mobile DevOps

When I’m not coding I’m debating serious topics with my cat.

I speak native Portuguese, fluent English and baguette French.


Expend aim is to provide 1 touch expense management software. Offering mastercard debit cards, and *Card Connect* to bring real time transactions, for extremely easy expense management.

Leading the mobile app development at Expend, I spearheaded the introduction of new user-centric features and integrated several third-party SDKs to enhance app functionality.

Besides new shiny things, my responsibilities include support existing features, a fancy way to describe bug fixing, small changes here and and ocasional edge cases where a user orders -9 beers from a bar :)

Increase confidence in the platform improving the codebase, along with confidence in the tests, having also introduced e2e testing, TypeScript, and better error monitoring and reporting and analytics tools.

Major refactors include giving it a new look, and major overhaul to core and most accessed functionalities, migration of the mobile codebase to a shared Monorepo, allowing for massive code sharing.

Creating and maintaining existing native modules in Java, Swift and Objective-C, with some dabble in Kotlin.

Ensure security and privacy standards, along top notch user experience and reliability as expected from any financial service.

Collaborate on backend event driven architecture, using AWS lambdas in NodeJS.

Collaborate with CI/CD of other services, lambdas, nextJS webapp, even, for example, experimenting with provisioning lambda@edge deployed nextJs application with open-next and Pulumi.

Collaborate on feature discovery and solution architecture for new functionalities across domains, backend, web and mobile.

Collaborate across domains as per team needs, in particular with react based web app.

React Native TypeScript React Hooks Redux Maestro Studio Push Provisioning Google Pay Apple Wallet PassKit Testing Library CI/CD Swift Java AWS Pulumi Firestore


Senior Software Engineer

October 2022 - Present

Peppy Health

Senior Mobile Engineer

January 2022 - August 2022

Peppy connects people to human experts for support when they need it most.

Joined Peppy with an hybrid role, senior mobile engineer and automation developer. Supporting the needs to improve processes and developer experince, and contributing to the mobile codebase. Revamped DevOps with github workflows on mobile and internal packages. On my day to day I contributed to defining solutions for new features and implementing them.

▪ Mobile app development using React Native

▪ Unit and E2E testing

▪ RESTful API consumpting and thirdparty SDKs

▪ Improving developer experience

▪ Mentoring and coaching

▪ SDLC Workflows

▪ Release management & CI/CD Integrations

pubGENIUS develops technologies and provides services to many different types of clients in the advertising ecosystem.

Joined as a consultor, providing solutions for clients and in house platforms. Helping setup build pipelines, best prattices, development workflows, improving developer experience and in general help improve long term code quality and maintainability. Mentoring colleagues on best pratices and supporting wherever needed.

▪ Mobile app development using React Native

▪ UX and platform best practices for both iOS and Android

▪ Mentoring

▪ QA Workflows

▪ Development Workflows

▪ GraphQL and REST API consumption

▪ Continuous delivery

▪ CI/CD Integrations

▪ Release Management

▪ 3rd party integrations, SDKs, APIs, libraries, frameworks

React Native TypeScript React Hooks Push Notifications Redux CI/CD REST iOS Android AppCenter Gitlab


Senior React Native Developer

October 2021 - Jan 2022


Lead/Senior Mobile Developer

January 2021 - October 2021

Rotageek helps organisations predict and meet demand, using complex data-driven technologies to effectively and fairly schedule staff.

Took ownership of the ‘jewel’ in the scheduling solution : the mobile app.

Working as the sole mobile devoloper, leading and strategizing with product and API team all mobile work, and it’s tech stack and technical decisions.

Always improving the functionality of it, adding new features, improving the user experience and generally, adding features on mobile first, before they are rolled to the rest of the solution.

I’ve taken responsibility for the architecture, build and maintenance of it. With a primary focus on the mobile app but, since I’m passionate about how tech can solve problems I was welcomed to work on web app and API development too (C#).

▪ Mobile app development using React Native

▪ UX and platform best practices for both iOS and Android

▪ Mobile Lead

▪ QA Workflows

▪ E2E automated tests

▪ Unit tests

▪ Agile development

▪ C# Backend development

▪ ReactJS frontend development

▪ GraphQL and REST API development and consumption

▪ Continuous delivery

▪ CI/CD Integrations

▪ Release Management

▪ 3rd party integrations, SDKs, APIs, libraries, frameworks

React Native TypeScript React Hooks Push Notifications Jira MSSQL Apollo GraphQL Redux React CI/CD REST C# Visual Studio iOS Android Bitrise Github Actions

Creating online services and mobile apps for startups and organizations.

During my time at Logirix, 3+ years , I learned most of my key skills, such as teamwork and working to tight deadlines. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Logirix and I learn a lot, and relished a healthy work life balance. At logirix I worked on a plentitude of Agile projects, you can see some on the projects section. Started as a Junior and by the time I left I was responsible for techical direction, and ownership of several key projects & its mobile apps.

▪ Development of mobile apps with React Native for Android and iOS

▪ Build pixel perfect user interfaces

▪ UX and platform best practices for both iOS and Android

▪ Mobile Tech Lead

▪ Agile development

▪ ExpressJS Backend development

▪ REST API development and consumption

▪ User management systems in React

▪ Content Management Systems in React

▪ Continuous delivery

▪ Release Management

▪ 3rd party integrations, SDKs, APIs, libraries, frameworks

React Native TypeScript React Hooks Push Notifications Jira MongoDB Realm SQL Redux React ExpressJS Firebase Analytics MapBox GoogleMaps CI/CD REST iOS Android Zeplin Sketch


Tech Lead & Full Stack Developer

September 2017 - January 2021

Portugal Telecom Data Center (Altice)


April 2017 - July 2017

Major Service Provider Data Center

During my time at the Data Center I learned a lot, I integrated the first line of the SOC (Security Operations Center) and CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team).

My responsibilities included:

▪ Incident flow. Processes and procedures.

▪ Advanced troubleshooting processes.

▪ Forensic analysis and pentesting of infrastructures and solutions & Malware code identification.

▪ General knowledge of incident reporting.

▪ Knowledge of incident handling processes and procedures.

▪ Procedures for cleaning up spam and malware.

▪ Internal customer service procedures.

▪ Procedural treatment of an incident.

▪ Daily use of SIEM (Security information and event management) tools and incident logging.

Creating online services and mobile apps for startups and organizations.

As part of my secondary school course I had an internship at Logirix, where I developed of a communication app with asymmetric cryptography for all mobile platforms, (iOS, Android an Windows Phone) in C# with Xamarin Studio.



May 2015 - July 2015



May 2014 - July 2014

Development, consulting, implementation, support and commercialization of hardware, networks and technological systems.

During my course in secondary school I had an internship at SFLAG (IT systems), where developed in C# a hardware management and maintenance software with support for bar code readers with an SQLite database.


Most popular Portuguese driving theory learning platform mobile app.

Developed a mobile app to provide the biggest driving theory learning and exams platform on mobile platforms, with over 25k active users.

Android Kotlin Mozilla Gecko Gradle


Sippy helps you to do real-life activities together.

At Logirix I took lead in developing Sippy, a React Native app, for iOS and Android, the focus of the app is to bring together people to play games and activities in real life.

Among the technologies used some worth noting: Firebase, Google maps, XMPP,, python, nodeJS, IBM Loopback, MongoDB

CMS TypeScript JavaScript React Redux RealmDB Facebook SDK

Digin offer students rewards for feedback on products

At Logirix I took part in developing Dig-In a beautiful app written in React Native, for iOS and Android, the focus of the app is to reward studens for the feedback on products.

Among the technologies used some worth noting: Typescript, Realm, CMS, NodeJS

CMS TypeScript JavaScript MongoDB Redux RealmDB

Mobile app that easily creates walking and running routes from your current GPS location.

I took part in developing Eroutes at Logirix an extremelly useful app written in React Native, for iOS and Android, focused in creating Run and Walk training plans with multiple, generated on the fly, amazing routes to choose from.

Among the technologies used some worth noting: Typescript, Realm, CMS, Google Maps, MySQL, NodeJS

JavaScript CMS React Native React Redux Routing


Superior School of Technology of Castelo Branco

CTeSP Datacenter and Cloud Computing

2015 - 2017

During the course I learned how to independently or integrated in a team, be able to plan, implement, manage and maintain operations of a Data Center, optimizing its operation, ensuring the availability of services based on Cloud computing as well as critical systems in order to ensure the continuity of business processes.

Design, develop, install, configure and manage a software system including access to databases, following best practices for collaborative development and security, in accordance with requirements, applicable legislation and international standards.

Unfortunately I could not complete the degree due to personal reasons and because the course no longer exists after 2018.

JavaEE Assembly C C++ Human Behavior in Organizations SysAdmin Entrepreneurship Project Management Network Administration DB Modeling and Administration

Secondary School Amato Lusitano Castelo Branco

Management and Programming of Computer Systems

2012 - 2015

In my secondary school programming degree I got the following qualifications:

▪ Install, configure and maintain the maintenance of isolated computers or inserted in a local network;

▪ Install, configure, and maintain computer peripherals or a local area network;

▪ Install, configure and maintain the structures and equipment of local networks;

▪ Install, configure, and maintain client and server operating systems;

▪ Implement and maintain security policies in computer systems;

▪ Install, configure and maintain computer applications;

▪ Conduct the analysis of information systems;

▪ Design algorithms by dividing problems into components;

▪ Develop, distribute, install and maintain computer applications using procedural and visual programming environments and languages;

▪ Design, implement and maintain databases; Manipulate data taken from databases;

▪ Install, configure, and maintain servers for the Internet;

▪ Plan, execute and maintain the maintenance of pages and websites;

▪ Develop, install and maintain information systems based on web technologies;

.NET Java Html CSS Visual Basic SysAdmin


Tech Leading Skills

During my time at Logirix I was ultimately reponsible for tech decisions, arquitechure and roadmaps for several projects At Rotageek, I shaped tech solutions for all new mobile features, working alongside product and backend team, to ensure feasibility and planning according to requirements. My successful goal at pubGENIUS was to establish great foundations for good SDLC, promoting better code quality, tech debt cleanup and avoidance. Strategic planning for feature development and sharing knowledge with other team members. At Peppy health altough outsite of scope for my role, I was a strong promoter for better ways to ship code, releases and promotting better SDLC processes. Always a strong communicator helping understand, plan, and act on feature implementation and releases. Advocated for better code quality and less tech debt. Helping team members where I could to remove any blockers.

Mentoring skills

At Logirix I was responsible for the training and induction of new staff. Giving support and mentoring developers at pubGENIUS

Excellent communication skills

Gained at my Internships, mainly, at PT Data Center and through my work experiences.

Team-leading skills

Gained as Lead developer at Logirix. Giving support and mentoring developers at pubGENIUS as senior mobile developer and at Peppy Health.

Tech skills include

React Native TypeScript JavaScript Expo MongoDB Realm DB MySQL PostgreSQL Redux React ExpressJS Firebase Analytics MapBox GoogleMaps Release Management iOS Android C# NoSQL Databases Git .NET Continuous Delivery Internationalization Localization

Soft Skills & Personal Traits

Ability to Lead Effective Communication Relationship Building Industry Expertise Perceptive of Team Needs Trustworthiness Time Management Commitment Confidence Problem Solving Work Ethics Adaptability Empathy Taking criticism Conflict Resolution Ability to delegate Identify goals Valuate progress

A Little More About Me

Alongside my interests in networks and software engineering some of my other interests and hobbies are:

  • Nature & Sightseeing
  • Cats
  • Gaming
  • Movies